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Content sells. If you can write or translate amazing content ranging from social media posts to technical SEO articles, our clients will love you.

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It's the 3rd time I work with Khalish. Great professional. He was one day late with the last delivery, but did a great job still."

Alexander Herrera
Editing Director


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  • Make sure you understand what the client needs before sending a bid. It's ok to ask many questions!
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All of them choose the times in which to work, the projects that make them grow and the environment in which they do business. 

Some of our greatest freelancers use Workana to make money on the side, adding income to their households which allow them to travel or get better health insurance.

Others live and support their loved ones exclusively on the income made on our platform, even forming teams with experts in other fields to cater to a broader range of companies and entrepreneurs.

They set their own pace.

Some freelancers take the money they earned out of Workana every month, to pay for bills and groceries.

Others leave it on the platform for saving.

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The Workana team has a very good understanding of skill sets and willingly help to reach out to projects that suits my capabilities. I am able to expand my network throughout the world with quality projects.

 - Hoo Yong Leng, experienced Wordpress developer and top ranked freelancer

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